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Mansfield Pistol Club

Mansfield Pistol Club is a private Police Approved range for its membership.  We are set in the beautiful alpine region of Mansfield in Victoria, Australia.  We are an ideal club for locals and regulars to the area.  Members are required to obtain a Handgun Licence issued by Victoria Police. 

How do I join?

Simply contact us via the online form or email us to arrange a tour of our facility and we will arrange an information pack with what's involved with joining and licencing.

Become an expert!

Once a member, you can get involved with our organised club shoots and come and practice at a time that suits you.  Our range is available for members 7 days a week!




Enjoy the dynamic sport that pistol shooting offers.



Try a range of the disciplines available



Sharpen your skills and test them against others.

wide range of disciplines

Rimfire Pistols

A great introduction into the sport and an economic way to shoot is getting involved with .22 calibre pistols.

Air Pistols

Steady hand, absolute marksmanship, then air pistols might be your thing!

Centre fire Pistols

Enjoy something with a little recoil!  Try your hand at a wide range of competitions available for centrefire pistols.

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If  you have question about joining or require a tour, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible.

Mansfield Pistol Club

PO Box 217, Mansfield, Victoria, Australia

Range location, end of Quarry Lane, Mansfield, Victoria


Available to members 7 days a week.  Guests and Enquiries by appointment only